Michael H. Bradford
Guesthouse Studios

A pioneer in bio-energy projects development, Michael H. Bradford has dedicated his life to this field of exploration for the past 30 years. A primary goal of his has been to integrate esoteric aspects of science into more conventional applications. Spending his youth in Lima,Ohio, Michael was exposed to aerospace engineering and physics. His formal background in electronics, chemistry, agricultural research and pyschology, fueled his innumerable college lectures and bio-feedback research. His main focus has been in the development of cybernetic systems which interact with bio-innergy fileds using proprietary sensor technology. An almost sentient Analog Neural Network is Bradford's latest contribution to the Bio-Dynamic sciences. He has been callesd the "Grandfather Of Bio-Feedback."

The results of Michael's work will provide the foundation for the manufacture of a new generation of products that are unparalleled in intuitive responsiveness and interactivity. Tools, toys and technologies that will overcome the limitations of physical control and expression, reponding directly to that which lies with the human dynamic bio-innergy field, are on the threshold of his current research. Two such highly successful products are the Genesis™ bio-entrainment module and the Cotyledon bio-acoustics enhancement system which privides Bio-Logically Enhanced Sound Technology, aka B~E~S~T. This hybrid of a lifetime of study into the maximum dynamic potential of music is termed, "Dymaxion Music". It is the result of utilizing artifical awareness proprietary sensor tchnology received in the Analog Neural Network before sending it off to the computer controlled Bio-Logic Signal Processor, (BSP), software. Musical characteristics experienced only in-person during live performances, are faithfully reproduced entraining the listener to an unprecedented depth of experience. Sounds are not only heard, they are felt! B~E~S~T post-mastered recordings, could be Mr. Bradford's greatest legacy. Only time will tell the outcome of his dedication & devotion to the medium of deeply experiencing enhanced pre-recorded music.